In its Paris laboratory, KOSPARIS creates and manufactures top quality cosmetics like a Parisian high fashion designer, with the same desire for perfection. This exclusive brand tracks down the beautiful raw material and delicately crafts its beauty products with a constantly renewed wish for effectiveness, sensoriality and pleasure.

Coming from the world of plant kingdom raw materials, the founder Sophie Allouche has surrounded herself with professional cosmetic formulators as well as an ethno-botanist, to create a line of products for the body and face that respects savoir-faire, the environment and the human being. From the cultivation of the plants to the laboratory, each step is inscribed in this approach to excellence.

“I started my career in the cosmetic industry by working in the sourcing department of a beauty company. I was specialized in organic raw materials. At that time, I realized that organic botanical oils were not very much used and that they were not enough concentrated in the products to provide real benefits. To highlight these magnificent oils, I decided to create my own cosmetic brand. KOS PARIS products are made with the best botanical oils coming from all over the world: Amazonia, the Forests of Finland but also Japan, Maghreb and Australia. I know how they are powerful and what are their beautiful benefits and virtues they provide to the skin”.