KOS PARIS was born out of a passion for rare plants, cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner and that have proven effective when used in skin cares. Our desire was to develop a high-end line of cosmetics, which combine the powerful natural assets of the plant world, rich textures and an enduring respect for the environment.

Thanks to careful research and a passion for excellence, we have formulated cosmetics that respect the skin’s natural balance, as they do not contain any petrochemical derivatives or mineral oils. Our products are preservative, silicone, and paraben free. Most of our ingredients come from organic agriculture.

Today, KOS PARIS offers a wide range of body and face care treatments with voluptuous fragrances and rich textures. We invite you to live a precious moment, in your bathroom, in French luxurious hotels or across the world.

Sophie Allouche 

Founder of KOS PARIS